healthy foodLack of sleep is a problem which is well known as Hypersomnia and it can affect you due to some reasons or even without an obvious reason. By eating the following foods or buying modafinil online it can help you to fall asleep. For you to buy modafinil online you will not need to have a doctor’s prescription.

Almonds – they are known to be containing magnesium which helps in promoting sleep and muscle relaxation. They also have another benefit of supplying protein which helps when sleeping in maintaining stable blood sugar levels, which in turn helps in promoting sleep by switching you to rest and digest cycle from alert adrenaline cycle.

Tea – Chamomile tea is one kind that is known to be very helpful when it comes to sleep as it considered being a safe sleep aid. Green tea is another type that helps in promoting sleep as it contains theanine. You need to take only one hot cup of tea.

Cereal – having a small bowl of low sugar, and whole grain cereal will help you to have a good sleep as they contain food that are rich in complex carbohydrates which helps in increasing the availability of tryptophan in the bloodstream leading to an increase of effects of inducing sleep.

Lettuce – they contain lactucarium which is known to affect the brains just like opium as it contains sedative properties thus helping you to sleep.

Pretzels – Eating them will spike the levels of your insulin and blood sugar because they have a high glycemic index. When the insulin and blood sugar level is high this will help the tryptophan to get into the brain and you will definitely fall asleep. Some people prefer to buy valium online, to assist with them sleep issues.

Tuna – this is a kind of fish that has a high vitamin B6 which is needed by the body for making melatonin and serotonin. By taking this will help you to get sleep. If this doesn’t work out for you can Buy Ambien online.

Rice – by eating white rice you will shorten your time of falling asleep as it has a high glycemic index. Jasmine rice particularly is the best as it will help you to sleep faster.Buy Ambien online  if this doesn’t work for you and you don’t need to have any prescription from the doctor.

Cherry Juice – Taking a glass of cherry juice before going to sleep it can help you to fall asleep faster. Tart cherries are one kind of cherries that are known to naturally helping in boosting melatonin levels.

Honey – Honey contain a natural sugar which is known in slightly raising the insulin levels and allowing tryptophan in entering to the brain more easily. By taking one spoonful of honey or mixing it with chamomile tea can be of help in giving you a good sleep.

Kale – kale and other green leafy vegetables contains calcium which is known to be very helpful to the brain in using tryptophan for manufacturing melatonin. Other options are such as spinach and mustard greens. You can also Buy Ambien if you are not getting enough sleep by taking kales

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