Competitive Anxiety In Sport

Competitive anxiety in sports is no new thing in any sporting activity, no matter how simple the sport might be, fear for failure must always have its way. Have you ever imagined taking on a new challenge, even in the very things you are used to? How do you feel when the thoughts of not making it run through your mind? We fear new challenges in life; that is for sure. Human beings are most comfortable doing what they are sure of, but when it comes to a game of chances, winning or losing, they tend to approach the situation with anxiety and fear. Nature has it that way and sportsmen and women are no exceptions in this.

I am a talented soccer player and a big fan of professional soccer too. My experience as a soccer player has enabled me to see what completive anxiety in sports can do and what it can’t do. As a player, I travelled a great deal. Through my travelling, there was nothing as intense as going for away matches. I would shake and tremble from the minute the team lands in a foreign county to the final whistle of the match. It was a natural feeling whenever we were playing away from home. Amazingly, I always thought that I was the only person experiencing the nasty feeling, but no, the whole team suffered as much as I was suffering. To some extent, our coach would be compelled to motivate and encourage us to fight the fear, which worked on rare occasions.

Completive anxiety in sports is not good for good results in any game, whether baseball, football, handball, basketball, cricket, and athletics, anxiety is not good.

Many people in the sporting community suffer from competitive anxiety. I have been keenly following the matches between arsenal- the team I support in the world and other competitive teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona, and Liverpool. I read post-match interviews after every match. What I have realized the familiarity of comments by the manager. “The team was not at its best today’’  “we were a bit jaded’’ “we did give it all our best’’ and such like comments. It beats logic that arsenal players only get to their worst form when playing against bigger teams. To correct the manager, the players suffer from completive anxiety and it is one of major reasons for the team’s lack of concentration in big matches. In fact, this is why they lost to all bigger teams this season, including the latest thrashing by Everton.

Fear for failure is not good in sports. You need to control it if you are thinking of becoming a successful sportsman or woman. Especially if you are still young the future is bright, you need to get used to dealing with different situations on the pitch. Know how to handle hostile fans and how to keep cool when playing away from home; it will help you so much.

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